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Eurocapital Holding is a diversified industrial group whose activities aim to bring innovative solutions to improve the daily lives of as many people as possible, through infrastructure in its businesses.
Eurocapital draws on the skills and expertise of its people to add value to the products and services it offers in each of its activities.

Eurocapital Holding and its member companies Glen and others members operate within a system in which the Holding’s management makes strategic decisions and directs operations of the system. The members are autonomous but also responsible for business results.

Eurocapital Holding and its member companies Glen and others has developed a large regional warehouse network and improves efficiency in distribution by implementing information technology.

Eurocapital Holding and its member companies Glen and others imports, distributes, and manages the wholesale of many internationally renowned companies including Beiersdorf (Nivea, Hansaplast, Eucerin), Diageo, SC Johnson, Gala, Ferrero, Buitoni, Sinalco, Kondiva, Aquarius, Italfood etc.

Eurocapital Holding’s purchasing policy

Improving competitiveness is at the heart of our purchasing policy. In order to ensure we contribute to the company’s margins, we use standardization, globalization and internationalization as strategic levers, underpinned by the expertise of our procurement professionnals.
When purchasing supplies and services, we are committed at all times to acting responsibly, in a manner that ensures innovation and sustainability in accordance with the company’s overall policy. In order to guarantee client satisfaction, we always adhere to our high quality, safety and environmental standards when selecting products and services.

The mission of Eurocapital Holding Purchasing department

The Purchasing department is there to support projects. Anchored at the heart of its operations are the company’s clients, suppliers and subcontractors. It provides added value, which is instrumental in meeting the company’s objectives, and is recognized for its expertise and universality.

The efficiency in the distribution Eurocapital Holding improves by using modern information technology.

The company operates in Montenegro under the name Eurocapital Holding, placed in Podgorica.

The expected turnover for 2017 is 68 million Euros.

We are the centre of a vast logistics network. We direct, manage and control the movement of goods in all directions, reaching nearby and remote destinations quickly and safely. The Eurocapital as a global logistics service is the leading supplier of complete logistic services in Slovenia and South-Eastern Europe and a successful logistics group with great development potential.

The Head Office of Eurocapital parent company is situated in Ljubljana (Slovenia) where it operates via a network of 8 business units. Next to the parent company, the Eurocapital also consists of 12 subsidiaries in 5 countries where it has its own companies with the network of business units and logistics terminals. It provides the logistics solutions in other European countries and around the world through the network of reliable business partners.

Message from FEDERICO PIGNATELLI DELLA LEONESSA, chairman and CEO of Eurocapital Holding:

“I have wanted to emphasize the basics that are essential for us to achieve our ambition. This means, for example, a desire to place the customer at the heart of the company, as well as establishing the preeminent nature of the business site as the place where all our areas of expertise converge and where we deliver our promise to our customers. It also means the priority we give too safety, to an insistence on exemplary behavior in questions of ethics, and to a greater openness between our businesses in our operations.

From upstream to downstream, all areas of expertise forming part of the value chain of business lead to the most beautiful place on earth: the trade site.This is why health and safety for all constitute our very highest priorities. But we think about more that just our business; we also concentrate on the regions in which we operate. We are more committed to them than ever, contributing to their economic vitality.The pooling of resources and a culture of sharing and of removing barriers take on more importance than ever.We are committed to innovation in all of our projects and creating ever greater value for our customers.

What guides us? Our ethics, and the respect we show in the field, day after day, to all our partners.

The outstanding feature of 2016 was the sharp increase in the Eurocapital Holding’s results.

We have met or exceeded all our targets.
The Holding continued to improve its profitability, recording a current operating margin of 3.5%, up 0.6 points on 2017.

Eurocapital Holding is well positioned for the future. The business segments have adapted their strategies and organisations to the changes in their markets in order to seize new opportunities. 

We have broadened the offer portfolio with innovative solutions in response to new customer uses.

We have strengthened the culture of flexibility and efficiency in the organisations and are rolling out a far-reaching transformation policy.

The Eurocapital Holding expects profitability to continue improving driven by all business segments. The current operating margin of the trade businesses should continue to improve and profitability should carry on rising at TF1, with a double-digit current operating margin target in 2018.

I should like to thank all our employees for their commitment and their mindset, and our customers and our shareholders for their confidence.”

Pignatelli Della Leonessa Federico

23 November 2017




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