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Code of ethics

In achieving the goals of the company, we strictly follow basic ethical values: integrity, confidentiality, impartiality, compliance, accountability and transparency.

A standard within the company, and a responsibility to our customers. We have made ethics one of our core values. Ethics relates to the way in which we act and behave, individually and collectively, in all areas: management, business, partnerships. It is a demand on us, every day and at all times.

Excellent work! Not so much an ambition as an obligation. At each link of the business process value chain, our employees share no priority more important than giving the best of themselves. The success of our increasingly complex projects demands it. As does bringing in all our projects – large and small – on schedule and on budget.


The staff employed in the companies of the Eurocapital Holding and its member companies Glen is required to make decisions that have a bearing on the operations and reputation of the Company. In the course of the work, circumstances may occur giving rise to doubts and resulting in uncertainty regarding the right decision to be adopted.

The Code of Ethics prescribes the ethical rules for the employees to guide them in certain situations.



  • Integrity. For achieving the goals of the Company we find it relevant to integrate and work with the people who are trustworthy and reliable in their interaction. Fair conduct and an open attitude of all persons involved in the work process are indispensable.  We abide by the rules, respect the business ethics and agreements made.
  • Confidentiality. We comply with the confidentiality requirement regarding the trade secrets of the Company and those of the business.  The information disclosed to our employees is only used for the work assigned.
  • Objectivity. We refrain from any discrimination on the basis of race, ethnic origin, nationality, language, religion, political conviction or union belonging, or personal circumstances (age, gender, sexual orientation and health/disability).
  • Compliance. The Company is operating in compliance with the applicable legislation, guidelines, internal rules and regulations, standards, the Code of Ethics and values of the Eurocapital Holding and its member companies Glen .
  • Responsibility. We discharge our obligations and assume responsibility for our conduct and relations towards fellow employees, shareholders, customers, suppliers, as well as the natural and social environment.
  • Transparency. The communication and provision of information within the Company and to the external public shall be transparent, understandable, open and fair.




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