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Corporate history

Ever since the earliest days of the Eurocapital Holding has grown through a long series of innovative projects, both at home in Slovenian and in many international locations. Its ability to leverage its expertise to meet increasingly ambitious challenges defines the identity of a group that never stands still.

Eurocapital Holding and its member companies Glen etc are involved in many sectors including agribusiness, real estate development, food processing, wholesale distribution,services, automobiles etc.

We are the centre of a vast logistics network. We direct, manage and control the movement of goods in all directions, reaching nearby and remote destinations quickly and safely.  The Eurocapital as a global logistics service is the leading supplier of complete logistic services in Slovenia and South-Eastern Europe and a successful logistics group with great development potential.


Eurocapital Holding has a strong entrepreneurial spirit, and is committed to seizing all attractive opportunities for development, particularly in Europe. To conquer new markets, the Holding counts on its capacity for innovation, its agility and its expertise to constantly offer more added value to its customers, and it does this throughout the entire value chain of business.


Eurocapital was founded in 1993 as a limited liability company in the Ljubljana. At the beginning, the company had only three employees, but their number as well as the range of various services provided by the company continued to grow from year to year. A successful performance and a solid vision led to a continued growth of the company’s business and consequently to changes in its structure of organisation.

The fastest growth was recorded in the period 1995-2000, which saw the opening of branches in all major cities of the former Yugoslavia. After the break-up of the Yugoslav Federation in 1993, branches outside Slovenia were reorganised as limited liability companies.

In 1995, the company was privatised. Eurocapital shares have been listed on the Ljubljana Stock Exchange since 1998.

The late 1990s marked a re-expansion of Eurocapital’s branch network into the markets of South Eastern Europe by integrating its former branches into a group and by acquiring new companies. Moving with the times and adapting to changes in the market Eurocapital has developed from a customs agent and road transport operator into a global logistics group that provides an integrated range of logistics services fully adapted to the customers’ needs.

A more detailed overview of Eurocapital development is presented in a monographic publication issued on the company’s 24th anniversary in 2017.




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