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We in Eurocapital Holding and its member companies Glen strongly believe that our employees are our key resource. We hire the best people and provide them with the best working conditions, which contributes to extremely high rates of satisfaction with the work in the Company. Stimulating working environment in the Company encourages individuals to take initiative and do their best, and a large number of trainings and education courses allow career development.

What we insist on is:

  • ethics in doing business
  • employment without discrimination
  • security and safety at work

Team spirit, connectivity and high motivation of employees guarantees the quality of production and service delivery, and consequently of the success and sustainable development of Eurocapital Holding.

Investing in the training of employees is a priority for Eurocapital Holding and its member companies Glen.

Become a member of a successful team!

A successful company is made by its employees. That is why Eurocapital Holding pays considerable attention to selecting high-quality personnel and their subsequent practical and theoretical improvement through an organized system of training. Eurocapital Holding can be recognized as a place where you can develop your talents and achieve excellent results.
Our company offers equal opportunities to everyone by applying the policy of prohibiting any form of discrimination. Your engagement will be decided about on the basis of your skills and qualifications while awards and promotion will be based on the results you achieve at work.
A comprehensive and complex system implies good organization, defined responsibilities, conscientiousness, seriousness and respect for company rules. You will find out that Eurocapital Holding is a dynamic working environment which fully recognizes ambitious and energetic people achieving results while observing business standards and applying ethical principles in their work.
Eurocapital Holding cherishes the atmosphere of teamwork, mutual respect and appreciation. Our practice has confirmed on numerous occasions that positive energy in the team is of crucial importance in successful realization of business tasks. Those are the reasons why we give an opportunity to open-minded, flexible and team-oriented people ready to adjust individual interests to those of the company. By promoting a team spirit we do not threaten personal individuality because we know that the quality of the system as a whole can be achieved only by the synergy of individual qualities.
If you have recognized the listed values as your own, you are in the right place!
Join us and be among colleagues who have much in common: enthusiasm, initiative, belief in success, trust in their own team, persistence, setting ambitious goals… In Eurocapital Holding you will achieve the career you have conceived!

Developing cohesion and well-being in the workplace

The professional fulfilment of our employees drives performance. Therefore, we assist the careers of everyone of them as soon as they join the company. Within a context of continuous dialogue, each employee can benefit from our attractive voluntary training policy.

We also promote mobility projects, whether geographical or functional, for our employees. To help them with this process, we provide them with a dedicated site: Moov’in. In a few clicks, you can find in-house job vacancies and a great deal of practical information on our mobility assistance measures.

Ensuring equal opportunities and developing skills

Present in 5 countries, our international dimension makes us attractive. To develop it, we have devised the INTERNational Program which offers start-of-career opportunities worldwide to promising young graduates.
As a recruiter, we are also committed to developing the skills of our employees, and this, regardless of their profile, with the greatest respect for diversity and equal opportunities. Also, so that our employees and management committee members understand all of the benefits of this policy, we have created a training course within the framework of our “Success in Diversity” programme labelled by Afnor in 2012. In

Also as gender mixing is a performance factor, we would like to develop the presence of women within our teams. To do this, we have implemented a gender mixing action plan that includes:

  • training dedicated to raising managers’ awareness,
    the publication of a gender mixing guide,
    a dashboard monitoring the development of women within the Group.
    In addition, since 2014, our HR managers must put forward at least one female candidate as soon as a position becomes available, internally and externally.



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