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Eurocapital Holding and its member companies Glen Auto represents, imports and distributes major international automobile brands including Honda, BMW and MINI and is engaged in setting up auto centers which consist of selling space, services and spare parts.

The expected turnover for 2017 is 4,3 million Euros.

The logistics of the constituent components and spare parts in the automotive industry and the logistics of finished cars.

We are specialised in logistical services for automotive industry, including services from the supply base to distribution center or final destination, getting parts and accessories to a retail dealership or organizing logistics for finished vehicles. Eurocaptial’s highly specialised and experienced personnel provide quality and reliable services within following three main segments:

  • Finished vehicle logistics.
  • Assembling parts.
  • Spare parts.


Eurocapital organizes transport of automobiles by road and by rail in cooperation with its contractual partners. Automotive transport is organized from the port of Koper, to and from our automotive logistics terminals as well as between other terminals and production plants in Europe. Eurocapital also provides sea transport through the port of Koper in cooperation with its shipping agency.

Eurocapital also operates several automotive storage terminals. In Slovenia, automotive storage services are provided on the Group’s platforms in Koper and Logatec. Smaller automotive storage terminals are also available in Belgrade (Serbia), Sarajevo (Bosnia and Herzegovina) and Podgorica (Montenegro). We provide a high level of security, a prompt and safe handling of vehicles, regular check-ups of vehicles, regular maintenance of vehicles, pre-delivery inspections, minor repairs to vehicles, etc.


Eurcapital organizes assembling and spare parts logistics for car industry. With own fleet and through contractual partners provides just-in-time services on E2E basis. Through a strong network of LTL services and domestic transport Eurocaptial secures a reliable just in time delivery of spare parts to desired destinations. With own warehouses Eurocapital can provide complete logistics for spare parts in the region of SE Europe.

Eurocapital organizes also FTL services across Europe, supporting automotive industry. Through contractual partners secures a reliable road transport with personalized services for just-in-time and just-in-sequence deliveries. We are able to work according to principal’s operating principles and processes, by achieving desired KPIs. Our services are supported by IT tools, enabling our Group to secure higher levels of agility and flexibility in the automotive industry.




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