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Pharmaceutical & healthcare industry

The development of the logistic support to the pharmaceutical industry in the area of packaging materials, medical equipment, medicine,trade etc.

Pharmaceutical and healthcare industry requests unique and fast-changing logistics services. The demand on a global level is increasing due to different global factors influencing everyday life. Eurocapital develops its products to this specific industry requests.

Eurocapital Holding and its member companies Glen provides different logistics services for pharmaceutical and healthcare industry. We continually invest in resources and infrastructure to meet client’s demand from pharmaceutical and healthcare companies. Our tailor-made solutions are in accordance with high industry standards.

We operate specialised warehouses and have a pool of specialised delivery vehicles that secure temperature regime up to client’s door.


Eurocapital Holding and its member companies Glen offer specialized solutions to support pharmaceutical and healthcare customers:

  • Global land and overseas transportation services in inbound and outbound directions
  • Conditioned and cold chain solutions in our warehouses
  • Quality inspections
    Warehousing with high security standards and fire protection systems
  • Distribution services and reverse logistics
  • Web-based tracking for shipments delivery
    Customs services




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