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Eurocapital Holding is a diversified industrial group whose activities aim to bring innovative solutions to improve the daily lives of as many people as possible, through infrastructure in its businesses as well as through digital technologies.
Eurocapital draws on the skills and expertise of its people to add value to the products and services it offers in each of its activities. It aims to:

Strengthen its position of a in energy and transport infrastructure;
Maintain its position in the Slovenian industry;
A focus on stable long-term markets in benefit of customers and end-users alike.


The implementation of our corporate vision relies on the strategy of four key dimensions: Product-centered development and segmentation, customer management, geographical coverage and effective Holding management.

More than ever the business sector must deal with social and environmental challenges. We have chosen to rise to these challenges on a daily basis at every stage of our projects. Therefore, sustainable construction is at the heart of our strategy.

On the global level, the real estate sector represents 40% of the consumption of natural resources, energy consumption, CO2 emissions and product waste. Therefore, in addition to speeches, taking sustainable development into account is obvious and a responsibility issue that must be used to achieve our goal: shaping a better life. This is why we have made the strategic choice of making this commitment a top priority for our company and among our employees. Thus, since 2007, we have launched a policy shared by all of our business units supported by the management: Actitudes.

4 key areas, 12 commitments
In order to take all aspects of sustainable development into account and influence all stakeholders, we focuse on 4 key areas:
– environment and sustainable construction,
– customers and partners for a sustainable project,
– local commitment and community aid,
– development of employees.

In total, these strategic key areas include 12 commitments: innovating for sustainable construction, committing to ethics and compliance, contributing to local development, ensuring equal opportunities, etc. In practical terms, this policy is translated into actions carried out by all of our activities and in all of our projects, from the design stage through to operation.

Everyone involved!
Regardless of their profession or position within the company, everyone of our employees is a key link in our sustainable development process. Everyone, through their behaviour, takes action on a daily basis to comply with our commitments. Devised to instil genuine cohesion among our employees, Actitudes is also a stimulating collective adventure for all. Finally, as a vector of innovation, it creates value for our customers who can thereby benefit from a vision of construction that today meets the challenges of tomorrow.




The four dimensions of developmental strategy are underlying for the following strategic baselines of the Eurocapital Holding and its member companies Glen:

  • consolidating and strengthening the position of the leading market provider of comprehensive logistics solutions in the countries of the former Yugoslavia,
  • business process streamlining involving innovative IT solutions,
  • building up the culture of an innovative organization, susceptible to change, around motivated workers and efficient team work,
  • ensuring financial stability through divestment, de-leverage and effective management of working capital.




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