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Eurocapital Leasing, provides financing for the incorporation of capital goods (transport equipment, earth moving, forestry, medical equipment, among others) and real estate, to small and medium-sized companies in our country.

The leasing system consists of a lease with the option to purchase a capital asset, for a period of time previously stipulated in a financial lease agreement. During this period, the client periodically pays the agreed fee, giving him the right to use the good from the moment his contract stipulates it. Once the lease term ends, the customer may choose to buy the good, in which case, he will have to pay the purchase option.

Eurocapital Leasing has financing up to 100% of the value of the asset, with terms ranging from 6 months. This will allow you to grow, consolidate your projects and increase your productivity.

Our company finances tangible assets, both movable and immovable, new or used with secondary market.



We dream of being the preferred partner for small and medium businesses to solve and finance their working capital needs.
Our mission is to provide agile and timely financing to the working capital needs of our small and medium-sized clients.
represent the convictions that will enable us to grow and deliver value to our clients and to develop the full potential of our human capital.

Credit available to companies that need to solve specific cash delays, short-term investments or anticipate future billing flows oriented to the natural business cycle.

Eurocapital Holding offers you integral, fast and flexible solutions adapted to the needs of the client.

We are clear and precise in every moment and instance that requires the delivery of information and answers to our customers.
We assume the ethical commitment to have the technical knowledge and experience necessary to develop in the activity we perform; we act according to the pre-established norms of respect, moderation and objectivity.
We constantly develop and adapt new products, processes and tools in order to deliver the best solutions and alternatives to our customers.
We react quickly to satisfy the concerns of our clients, interpreting their need as our first priority.
We forged long-term relationships, based on trust and professionalism, and we have a team strongly committed to this premise.
Every time we see an opportunity to do things better, we take it; we evaluate ourselves periodically and do not fear error, we work to try to be better.




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