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Twenty-Five New Young Leaders in Eurocapital Holding

11. september 2017.

Company Eurocapital Holding has welcomed the sixth generation of Young Leaders today.
This year, due to the increased workload and new projects in the country and the region, the advertisement for Young Leaders was published in May instead of October, as earlier. Almost 2,000 people applied for “Emergency Job Advertisement for Outstanding People” and through careful selection 25 of them were chosen to begin their career in Eurocapital.
Young Leaders is a program employing young and talented people without working experience. With the help of experienced colleagues acting as their mentors they have an opportunity to become familiar with different parts of Eurocapital business system and acquire first practical experiences in business. In six years this program has included 113 applicants, many of whom have important managing roles as part of Eurocapital team today.

”Eurocapital knows that people are the most important asset to the company – their motivation, satisfaction, qualities and skills. For years we have been giving a chance to young people with no working experience because we believe that they bring enthusiasm, new ideas and better understanding of modern market challenges. Our experience with the previous generations of Young Leaders has proved that we are right and that it is absolutely acceptable to assign large projects, such as the construction of Intercontinental Hotel in Ljubljana or Planet shopping-mall in Banjaluka, to these new young people. This year we are employing an additional number of 25 Young Leaders because we need them in order to realize our ambitious plans in the country and the region”, said Mojca Horvat, Eurocapital Holding Senior Vice President for Strategy and Development and sponsor of the project.





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