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Press releases and Public announcements

11. septembar 2017.
Twenty-Five New Young Leaders in Eurocapital 
Company Eurocapital Holding has welcomed the sixth generation of Young Leaders today. This year, due to the increased workload and new projects in the country and the region, the advertisement for Young Leaders was published in May instead of October, as earlier. Almost 2,000 people applied for “Emergency Job Advertisement for Outstanding People” and through careful selection 25 of them were chosen to begin their career in Eurocapital.


17. jul 2017.
Eurocapital’s New Projects in the EU countries and the region
Entering the international market is the most important business venture of Eurocapital Holding this year. In the first half of 2017 the construction of InterContinental Hotel in Ljubljana was completed (the investment is worth 50 million Euros, while the hotel will begin operating in August) and the construction of Planet shopping mall in Banjaluka started (the investment is worth 70 million Euros and the opening is scheduled in autumn 2018). By the end of the year new projects are going to be initiated in the EU countries and the region.


07. jul 2017.
Presentation of the 8th Eurocapital Holding Corporate Social Responsibility Report
Eurocapital Holding has published and presented its report on sustainable and responsible business for 2016 in Crowne Plaza Hotel. That is the 8th CSR report whose accuracy, at the request of the Company, was examined by auditing company KPMG.


29. jun 2017.
Eurocapital Has Started Construction of Planet Shopping Mall in Banjaluka
Company Eurocapital Real Estate today has started the construction of “Planet” shopping mall in Banjaluka. The foundation stone was laid by President of the Republic Srpska Milorad Dodik. The shopping mall with the area of 62,500m2 will be the largest in Bosnia and Herzegovina. The investment is worth 70 million Euros. The mall is planned to be opened in autumn 2018.


23. january 2017.
Eurocapital has welcomed the fifth generation of Young Leaders
Eurocapital Holding has welcomed the fifth generation of Young Leaders, while 16 young talents from the fourth generation received certificates for the successful completion of this program and jobs within the company.



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