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Eurocapital Holding and its member companies Glen and others are involved in many sectors including agribusiness, real estate development, food processing, wholesale distribution, logistic services, automobiles etc.

Eurocapital Holding is keen to play its part in promoting Slovenian success stories at an international level. Since being founded in 1993, Eurocapital Holding has become a trailblazer and can serve as an example to other companies in the region. Through job creation and partnership with foreign companies, Eurocapital Holding is helping to drive economic growth which is essential to increasing and maintaining stability in the region.

Eurocapital Holding is divided into three separate companies: Eurocapital Agrar , Eurocapital Real Estate and Eurocapital Distribution.

Eurocapital Holding Business Partners are: Pioneer, British American Tobaco, Johnson, BASF, Syngenta, Mercator,Tus,Inter Spar, Honda, BMW, MINI, InterContinental Hotels Group, Bayer, Beieresdorf, Generali Group, Ferrero, Delhaize Group, UniCredit Leasing and other.

Logistic support to the import and export supply chains for machines and equipment, turbines and larger castings, components, steel semi-finished products and other semi-finished products, as well as heavy industry products.


We perform all types of transport – by land, maritime and air.


Eurocapital Holding’s professionals will provide you with a comprehensive overview of the logistic chain



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