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In addition to land, maritime and air transport and logistics, we are also active in distribution, factoring, real estate and insurance.

Big and successful brands depend on successful distribution. The distributor`s task is to realize all processes so to make the products visible and easily accessible to its clients and end consumers.

Founded in 1993, the company laid the basis for the development of modern distribution service that combines sales, brand management, logistics and merchandising. Long-term cooperation with well-known international and domestic companies is confirmation of the quality of our business and the services we provide to our partners on Slovenian and Croatian market.

At the moment  Eurocapital Holding and its member companies Glen cooperates with more than 2,000 customers, providing goods for more than 3,500 stores. The list of our customers consists of organized retail and wholesale chain stores, independent stores, specialized wholesales, as well as HoReCa channel stores.

Following the world trends in logistics development, we offer the solutions for all challenges, respecting the specific requests of our customers regarding storage, handling goods and transport.

Eurocapital Holding and its member companies Glen has modern WMS (Warehouse Management System) for warehouse operations. This gives high flexibility of entire warehouse sub-system, enables monitoring of all warehouse activities (admission, storage and commissioning of goods) and reviewing necessary information about important parameters of goods in real time.

We provide various goods processing activities: sorting, packing, re-packing, “Co-packing”, designating, declaring, customizing, assembling, repairing and the like.



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